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Want to help out and get paid for doing so?  Do you have an “ugly” home in your neighborhood that you would like to see fixed up?  Do you know anyone that is feeling the crunch of this economic downturn and just cannot afford his or her mortgage anymore?  Someone who lost a family member and was left with a property to take care of? Or just someone that simply wants to sell his or her property even if it needs rehabbing?

REMEMBER, we purchase properties in ANY condition so it doesn’t hurt to put us in touch.  You may be wondering, how do I move forward and get paid?  Well, it’s easy!  Click HERE send us an e-mail with the address of the property & how to contact the owner(s) (IF you know them) and of course YOUR contact information. If it is just an “ugly” home in your neighborhood, you can send us the address and a picture of the property if possible. If we move forward and purchase that property we will send you a check in the amount of $200 (MINIMUM).  The reason I say minimum is because the more business you bring us, and the better the deals, the more you should get paid right?  We think so!

REMEMBER – There is no house too “ugly” for us. So don’t be shy to send us anything you find. We welcome all challenges.