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Malama Solutions, LLC is a company providing diverse home purchasing and selling options for individuals and families in the area. These options are based on an individual’s current and future needs. In addition to assisting people in finding property solutions, we work to revive homes that have been abandoned or neglected. Each property rehabilitation project helps improve property values, creates local jobs and sustains community pride. We at Malama Solutions, LLC foster synergistic housing and property solutions by providing win-win solutions for our clients, investors and the community.

So to break it down further, here are the three main things we do:

1)      We purchase homes in ANY condition- If any situation below applies to you, give us a call so we can help provide you with a solution ASAP!

    • Are you Tired of being a landlord?
    • Have you inherited property that has become more of a headache than a blessing or is it just sitting there and costing you additional money?
    • Have you had to move away and are worried that your property might be vandalized and/or taken over by squatters?
    • Do you want to sell your home quickly but don’t want to pay extra money to realtors?

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2)      We assist individuals in purchasing homes by overcoming the traditional home ownership roadblocks under today’s conventional loan models and home purchasing procedures. Many people today who want to purchase a home are unable to do so due to unfortunate events that have negatively impacted their credit scores, or the fact that they just don’t have the average 10-20% down payment in hand. At Malama Solutions, LLC we believe that individuals should not be deprived of home ownership based on credit scores or an inability to provide a big down payment. We treat each case separately and look at the entire picture. Our main qualifier is that you have proof of income, and we work with you to negotiate a down-payment that will work for you. With us, it’s more of a conversation without judgments.

3)      We work to increase the marketability of your home by fixing up the “ugly” homes in your area. Are you a homeowner, tenant, or just concerned citizen who is tired of driving by or living next to an abandoned property? Do you worry that the abandoned home(s) will attract squatters or become an unsafe hang-out for the neighborhood youth? We can help solve these issues by purchasing the property and fixing it up, which in turn can help increase the value of your home and help create a safer neighborhood for you and your family.

Call or email us today with information on the “ugly” home in your neighborhood and if we can come to an agreement to purchase it from the owner, then we will send a little monetary “thank you” your way. Please look at the “Get Involved” section of our website for further information.